Residential / KUDOS2P

DrainVac Kudos Twin Motor Dry & Wet Automatik Self Flushing Package 

Residential Central Vacuum Package Including Accessories

Introducing the ultimate cleaning solution - the DrainVac Kudos Twin Motor Dry & Wet Automatik Self Flushing Central Vacuum with Accessories! This ingeniously simple system is all you need to keep your home sparkling clean. Say goodbye to the dreadful mop and hello to the world's most advanced cleaning solution. With the Kudos, you can easily vacuum any substance from any surface, dry or wet. It replaces all other cleaning methods and tools, making life easier and mess-free.

The system features twin motors, delivering outstanding suction performance and consistent airflow. And with the automatik self-flushing feature, you won't need to worry about capacity limits or consumables to empty, clean, or replace. Plus, it comes with premium accessories, including a stainless steel telescopic wand, 9m switchable hose, and more. Made in Canada with over 40 years of research and development, the Kudos comes with a 10-year residential warranty and a lifetime casing warranty. Get ready to redefine cleaning with DrainVac Kudos!

KUDOS2P features

  • 1 x KUDOS2 central vacuum system
  • 1 x Premium accessory kit
  • Twin motor workhorse
  • Powerful, reliable suction
  • Dry & wet capabilities
  • Vacuum dust, solids & liquids!
  • Self flushing / limitless capacity
  • Water injector
  • Water encapsulation is the ultimate filter
  • No bags or filters
  • 10 year system warranty
  • Lifetime casing warranty
  • 2 year warranty on accessories
  • Made in Canada
  • Switchable hose

Ingeniously Simple - The ultimate cleaning solution! 
Kudos is all that is needed to keep a home sparkling clean! One can easily perform a dry and/or wet vacuum as required, it will transgress dry & wet with no need to alter a thing. This is the world’s most advanced cleaning solution, thoroughly removes dust, liquids & solids from the environment and automatically discharges itself. No bags, no filters to clean/buy/replace. Replaces all other cleaning methods including the dreadful mop - at last!

Easily vacuum any substance from any surface, dry & wet; hard floors, carpet, rugs, tiles, timber, glass, stone... food, drink, mud, sauce, soup, wine, hair, oil... clean anything as if it never happened!

Thoroughly clean any surface, any substance, dry and wet. DrainVac Kudos makes it easy. With DrainVac Kudos, you can also vacuum and dry bathrooms, laundries, patios, balconies, courtyards and more. Vacuuming liquids/solids, food, drinks, mud, grime, is the easiest of tasks.

Carpet, tiles, timber, linoleum, the system is effective on all surfaces, it is great in stain removal and the suction leaves the surface almost dry. While our systems afford you the powerful combination of water and suction when you need it, you can just as easily perform a dry vacuum, it will traverse dry & wet with no need to alter a thing. Life can be messy.... handle it all with DrainVac Kudos.

Dry & Wet - Any surface, Any Substance! 
Vacuum dry, wet & everything in-between, Kudos will handle it all. No need to fear liquids, thoroughly clean any substance, any surface quickly with one system. No need to call a professional carpet / rug / upholstery cleaner, with Kudos you can handle any accident immediately before it becomes too late!

Automatik Self Flushing - Unlimited Capacity 
The DrainVac Kudos empties itself automatically, so YOU don’t have to! Unlimited capacity and no consumables to empty, clean or replace. Being self flushing also means that the capacity is infinite.

Water Jet Filtration – No consumables 
Water is the ultimate filtration! Water encapsulates and embeds the dust particles, turning them into sludge which is then flushed automatically. It is the ultimate filter, requires no consumables to buy / replace.

40 years of R&D 
All DrainVac systems benefit from 40+ years of research and development. Across 36 countries and a diverse customer base including residential, commercial and industrial, DrainVac leverages this experience in the design and refinement of every system.

Twin Motors - Powerful, Reliable Suction 
Working in unison, two extremely powerful motors deliver outstanding suction performance. Get the job done quickly & efficiently, with powerful, consistent suction and airflow you can rely on.

Unique Technology 
DrainVac pioneered central dry & wet self flushing vacuum systems 40 years ago in Canada & the technology remains unique today. Our ingenious combination of water & suction replaces all other cleaning methods and tools

Limitless Cleaning 
Dry, wet, any substance, any surface, no capacity limits, nothing to empty, no consumables... Kudos redefines cleaning.

10 Year Warranty 
All DrainVac vacuum systems are made in Canada to the highest standards and backed by a 10 year residential warranty. The polypropylene system casing has a lifetime warranty.

Made in Canada 
All DrainVac system are manufactured in Quebec Canada with strict quality control measures and testing regimes. Proven quality, battle tested with 40 years of real world use.

Premium Accessories Included 
Stainless steel telescopic wand, 9m switchable hose, hose wall hanger, attachment hanger, combo floor tool, hard floor tool, dusting tool, crevice tool, upholstery tool, squeegee tool.

KUDOS2P system specifications

Air Watts
2 x 355
Unlimited L
123 cm
38 cm


KUDOS1P - DrainVac Kudos Dry & Wet Automatik Self Flushing Package

  • Powerful, reliable suction
  • Dry & wet capabilities
  • Vacuum dust, solids & liquids!
  • Self flushing / limitless capacity
  • Compact model
  • 10 year warranty
  • Lifetime casing warranty