Residential / SADIE17P

DrainVac Sadie 17 Litre Package 

Residential Central Vacuum Package Including Accessories

Are you tired of bulky vacuums taking up valuable space in your home? Look no further than DrainVac's SADIE17P central vacuum system! This compact yet powerful system boasts a large 17 litre capacity and advanced audio insulation, making it a true beast in disguise. With over 40 years of research and development, DrainVac has mastered the art of powerful and consistent suction, all while ensuring quiet operation that won't disturb your family, pets, or neighbors.

Plus, with multi-stage filtration, you can trust that even the smallest particles will be thoroughly contained and disposed of in a hygienic manner. And with premium accessories included and a 10-year residential warranty, you can rest easy knowing that DrainVac has your back. Proudly made in Canada with unbreakable polypropylene casing, this vacuum is battle tested and ready to tackle any mess. Don't settle for less - upgrade to DrainVac and experience the power of Canadian engineering today!

SADIE17P features

  • 1 x SADIE17 central vacuum system
  • 1 x Premium accessory kit
  • Powerful, reliable suction
  • Large 17 litre capacity
  • Advanced audio insulation
  • 10 year system warranty
  • Lifetime casing warranty
  • 2 year warranty on accessories
  • Made in Canada
  • Switchable hose
  • Multi stage filtration
  • 3 ply cloth bag
  • Internal washable filter
  • Optional external filter

Powerful Suction 
The DrainVac range of central vacuums are known the world over for market leading performance across all metrics. Get the job done quickly & efficiently, with powerful, consistent suction and airflow you can rely on.

Occupies little space 
Large 17 litre capacity in a compact design. Occupies little space without compromising suction performance or quiet operation.

40 years of R&D 
All DrainVac systems benefit from 40+ years of research and development. Across 36 countries and a diverse customer base including residential, commercial and industrial, DrainVac leverages this experience in the design and refinement of every system.

Advanced Audio Insulation 
Quiet in operation, the SADIE17P is a beast in disguise. Powerful suction gets the job done without disturbing family, pets or neighbours!

Multi Stage Filtration 
Multi ply cloth bag and an extra large woven fabric filter provides thorough filtration for particles of all sizes. The high quality cloth bag makes it easy to contain and dispose of the dust collected in a most hygienic manner.

10 Year Warranty 
All DrainVac vacuum systems are made in Canada to the highest standards and backed by a 10 year residential warranty. The polypropylene system casing has a lifetime warranty.

Made in Canada 
All DrainVac system are manufactured in Quebec Canada with strict quality control measures and testing regimes. Proven quality, battle tested with 40 years of real world use.

Unbreakable Casing 
The airtight system casing is made from unbreakable Polypropylene – backed by a lifetime warranty. No rust, leaks or noisy reverberations.

Premium Accessories Included 
Stainless steel telescopic wand, 9m switchable hose, hose wall hanger, attachment hanger, combo floor tool, hard floor tool, dusting tool, crevice tool, upholstery tool. Multi ply cloth bag and anti microbial internal filter included.

SADIE17P system specifications

Air Watts
17 L
58 cm
30 cm


SADIE41P - DrainVac Sadie 41 Litre Package

  • Powerful, reliable suction
  • Large 41 litre capacity
  • Advanced audio insulation
  • 10 year warranty
  • Lifetime casing warranty

SADIET5P - DrainVac Sadie Twin Motor Package

  • Powerful, reliable suction
  • Twin motor workhorse
  • Large 46 litre capacity
  • 10 year warranty
  • Lifetime casing warranty